Solicitations & Guest Blogging

On solicitations & guest bloggers

I appreciate your interest in my blog, and am honored that my content resonates with you.

Please be aware that I seldom (closer to never), accept unsolicited product trials or guest bloggers. If I believe your product might be of value, and fits with my goals for this blog, then I will contact you. Should you not hear back from me, it is because I am not focused on the product you are trying to sell at this time.

Goals of my blog

I typically write about what I'm learning. I am passionate about empowering others and creating learner-centered classrooms, schools, districts, and environments. 

The main purpose for creating my blog was originally to help me organize my ideas, and reflect on what I was learning. Over time, my blog became a resource for educators. It was basically a reference guide to professional learning or questions that individuals asked me. 

Those goals are still true today.

The bottom line is, if the answer to this single question is yes, then it is an idea worth blogging:
Is it in the best interest of the students?

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