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Collaboration Coaching

As we wrap up our second year of Collaboration Coaching , we celebrate the success we've had with collaboration, learning with colleagues, and creating 21st century, student-centered classrooms. What is a Collaboration Coach? Our Collaboration Coaching is based on the Microsoft Peer Coach Training developed the Peer-Ed Team. We've adapted it to fit our district's needs. The Collaboration Coach training presents an opportunity for Apache Junction Unified School District teachers to explore coaching as an effective model for providing ongoing professional learning with classroom teachers focused on 21st century learning, Common Core, technology integration, and best teaching practices. Coaches receive training and support that includes methods of coaching, fostering collaboration, and action planning for successful coaching. Project emphasis infuses technology to create and promote: differentiated instruction through a variety of strategies based on student ne

Common Core and Service Learning PBL Professional Development

Yesterday I had the privilege of facilitating a Common Core and Project Based Learning professional development class for 7th-12th grade teachers. Prior to my training, they had two days of ELA Common Core and one day of deconstructing performance assessments for ELA Common Core. Meeting their needs through professional development While I had a rather large group (over 40 and had to turn people away to go to another class since all of the computers and chairs were taken), over half of them had taken a PBL class with me before and were implementing it in their classrooms, yet only one had ever tried service learning . I knew that what I had prepared for them would not meet their needs since I had created it as an introduction to PBL. Service learning was the direction I took them in because it addressed their needs the best, we'd get great cross-curricular discussions, and time to reflect and process the past three days of Common Core training . Build background knowl