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Chromebooks, Chrome Web Store, and Add-Ons

There's a lot more to Chromebooks and Google than meets the eye! I've been learning as much as I can about Chromebooks, the Chrome Web Store, and Add-Ons since we are a Google Apps for Education district and have Chromebooks as our One-to-One devices at our high school, and have many carts at our other campuses.  How are Chromebooks different? Chromebooks have a web based management council. This means they: update themselves; boot up in less than 10 seconds; cannot have software installed on them; can install apps and extensions through the Chrome Web Store (including a plethora of Educational Apps); can do most anything online via the Chrome browser; and, start up by logging onto the computer with their Google password, then straight into Chrome. What do we need to know about the Chromebook hardware? There are different types of Chromebooks. The one we are using in our district is the Samsung . They are light (2.42 pounds) and have a battery life of approx