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iPads in Students' Hands

This was our first year with iPads in the elementary classrooms, purchased with Title funding. Training with Tony Vincent We've had several trainings with Tony Vincent , starting with a three hour introduction and a two hour follow up with fabulous center ideas for literacy, fluency, and spelling. How I see them used in the classrooms  After Tony Vincent helped us get started, we've become more comfortable with using them, and we're at the point where we were figuring out new ways to use them. Here were some of the examples I've seen in the classrooms recently:   1. Previewing nonfiction text in Title I using ShowMe app Below was an example of how they were being used in Title I with Shelly Brossman . Shelly and I role played how to preview nonfiction text in this ShowMe video , created on the iPad in real time. Shelly then tried this with the students. They were completely engaged and paid more attention to their learning and why it was impo

Lead, Coach, and Build Capacity

Building capacity in the school district means improving and strengthening the learning in our students, employees, teachers, administrators, school board, and community. Coaching is a great way to build capacity, and leaders naturally build capacity. Finding leaders to assume leadership roles is an important part of the process. Please be aware that I don't believe a title makes someone a leader, it's just who they are. Leadership skills sets I've recently been involved in several conversations about building capacity. One of the conversations was about skills sets to look for when identifying leaders, specifically coaches.  I believe the following qualities are found in good coaches and leaders: People person : gels well with others and builds relationships Character: has integrity and is trustworthy Attitude: is positive even in negative circumstances Skills and productivity : able to get things done 21st century thinker : adapts, problem solves, is creativ