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Blended Learning in AJUSD

Our district focuses on creating 21st century, student-centered classrooms. We want classrooms filled with student collaboration and discussion about their learning, connecting to the world around them.

Blended learning

Students learn in different ways, and at different paces. To address these needs, we've been piloting blended learning in two high school classrooms.

AJUSD's definition of blended learning is:
Blended learning combines the best features of in-class learning with the best features of online learning. Online delivery allows student control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of their learning. In-class learning provides student-teacher interaction as well as opportunities for students to collaborate on challenging, project-based work.  By having content online, students have more time on task. They can pause the content, go back to revisit lectures/lessons, and have control over the pacing of their learning.

In class, they apply their learning by mov…

Coaching and Professional Development Midyear Reflection

This post is my reflection (and brainstorm) for creating a 21st century learning district, specifically through developing our Collaboration Coaches. I’m asking for your feedback.

The focus for Year 2 Collaboration Coaches

This is the second year we’ve had Collaboration Coach training in the district. The first year training module is closely adapted from Microsoft Peer Coach Training developed by the Peer Ed Team.

Since there isn’t a continuation training module, I’ve created my own based on surveys, reflections, and four areas of focus:
Communication, collaboration, and coaching skills 21st century learning, pedagogy, and lesson designBest practices with technology integration and resourcesStaff development The professional development plan for Year 2 Collaboration Coaches
August: Setting goals and overview of year -- for the purpose of kicking off the yearSeptember: Web 2.0/Coaching Smackdown  -- focusing on best practices; resources; and ideas for staff development to try at sitesOct…

Developing 21st Century Learning through Coaching Conversations

My passion and goal is to see 21st century learning (innovating, creating, collaborating, communicating, and critical thinking) in our classrooms.

How can I spread that passion so the goal of 21st century learner-centered classrooms becomes a reality?

As the Technology Integration Specialist, part of my job is coaching teachers, administrators and students in technology integration for 21st century learning.

As a coach, there are several different roles, avenues, and opportunities I have to further this goal:

RolesSharing or Consulting
(Expert) Collaborating
(Peer to Peer) Coaching
(Facilitator) Visual

WhyShares information, resources, content, and adviceWorks together to create; collaboratesSupports, encourages, critiques, and guides to new insight or deeper reflectionHowProvides supplies and resources;
offers ideas and materials;
gives tips and solutionsBrainstorms together;
plans together;
works together;
gives and takesProvides "Wows" and "Wonders"; Paraphrase…

Quality Blogging and Commenting Audit Meme

Silvia Tolisano (@langwitches) challenges us in a meme to audit blogs and comments to raise awareness of quality blogging. I'm honored that both Kathleen Morris and Sheri Edwards tagged me in this meme.

Here is Silvia's meme challenge:
Select a blog post or blog comment to audit (Professional or Student)Take a screenshot or copy and paste the post or comment into your blog post (be sensitive whether you want to reveal any names or references)Include or link to the rubric you use to assess the quality of post or commentAudit the post or comment by describing your train of thought regarding the level of quality you would assess your chosen post or commentSuggest how you would coach the author of audited post or comment to improveTag (at least) three educators and challenge them to audit a post or commentLeave a comment with the link to your audit post on Langwitches

Quality blog posts

I created a few variations of checklists as guides for quality posts. The checklists are base…