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Differentiated Instruction with Technology

Here's where we started: Differentiated Instruction: Module I on Prezi I have seen so much growth after five awesome professional development trainings! Hats off to Theresa Bartholomew and the CCJH DI Leadership Squad: Valinda Wells, Rachel Mangum, Lisa Smith, Maryanne Galvan, Taylene Bell, Natalie Tucker, and Melissa Mel ! 

Top Ten for Teching it Up

Disclaimer : This is not an all encompassing list, nor is it Rocket Science 302. It’s just Tracy’s list for her peeps based on where I see them right now. Furthermore, this list was developed because Lisa wanted to set “10 Tech Goals” for herself over break, and she asked that I email her 10 ideas for goals. So, below is my list and I thought it might benefit others to post here. This list might be out of date in one minute after I hit publish, but as of this exact moment in time, here is my top 10 list for where to set your goals for tech integration. (Note tongue in cheek, but hey, ‘tis the season, right?) First steps: 10) Choose one platform to have kids go to as soon as they walk in the class. IE: Moodle (or Google Apps, GradeBook Wizard, or your Website – see Tracy's SchoolWorld Site as an example of one). Then start using that platform on a daily basis. IE- Lisa chose Moodle . She will have kids do a “Before you Read” Forum post, and a daily post to go with each chapter.

Speak Up 2010

made on Wondersay - Animate text with style The Speak Up survey collects authentic feedback from students, families, and educators across the country. Data from prior surveys show students are primarily interested in: 1) social based learning; 2) un-tethered learning (anytime, anywhere, any device); and 3) digitally-rich learning environments. When given the question, "What is the ultimate digital textbook?", they respond favorably for interactive, relevant, and collaborative textbooks. They want the ability to search for terms easily, take digital notes on it, and to download it to their mobile devices.  They want to check for their own comprehension (like a benchmark), have learning games, online tutors 24-7, and built in accountability. In conclusion, students want learning-centered classrooms rather than teacher-centered classrooms. Our district is involved in the Speak Up 2010 survey. I had the privilege of helping in three different third grade classrooms today wi