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My #ISTE12 Reflection, Part 2

In my last post , I shared some of the big takeaways I had from #ISTE12. This is a continuation of that post, with the focus on these questions: What had the most impact on me at ISTE , and what memories will be most prominent from that week?  What new goals would I set as a result of #ISTE12? JoAnn Jacobs , me, Joan Young , & Julie Hembree 6. While ISTE was filled with amazing training, there was something unique about ISTE that I've never experienced from any other conference, and that's the continued learning once the official sessions were over. The continued learning occured during conversations with others. Hanging out at the Bloggers' Cafe was one of my favorites because of the amazing conversations with others. My goal: I intend on hanging out virtually with some of my blogging buddies. 7 . I appreciated the resources from the Common Core and PBL poster session by Diane Midness, iEARN-USA with Losira Okelo and BIE's David Ross .  iE

My #ISTE12 Reflection, Part 1

What had the most impact on me this past week, and what memories will be most prominent from this week? What new goals will I set as a result of this week? Here they are, not in any particular order. Linda Yollis & Kathleen Morris 1. Educational Blogging: Flattening Classroom Walls by Linda Yollis and Kathleen Morris I am always inspired and in awe of these two women. They have made such an impact on me, so to see them present together live was absolutely incredible, especially since this week was the first time they had met face to face! Their stellar session was filled with powerful tips, incredible resources , while providing powerful examples of what can evolve out of blogging. To highlight a few tips: Linda , Kath , Sue Wyatt , Sue Waters , me , Ronnie , Julie , Anne , John Start small. Blogging is a journey. Use your content objectives to focus your posts. This way blogging doesn't become an add-on to try to fit in, but rather part of your literacy bloc