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Digital Storytelling and Stories with the iPad

Digital storytelling is a first person story, where the narrator is digitally sharing his or her story; while a digital story is narrated in third person and shared digitally. Both can include imagery, background music, or motion. They also incorporate storyboarding, writing a script, revising, and publishing (the elements of writing).


Here are some of the many benefits of digital storytelling and digital stories:
The 21st century skills and ISTE's NETS applied are critical and creative thinking; written, oral, and digital communication; collaboration; authentic learning; digital fluency; informational fluency; and project management. It is great differentiation for all students including ELL, gifted, and special needs. It increases student engagement in a meaningful and relevant task. It can be used as an authentic assessment.
Common Core Standards

Many specific content standards can be addressed through digital stories. Here are some of the Common Core Standards that d…