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Tech & Innovation Awards

Do you know what I love about seeing education awards, especially in innovation and technology? It raises awareness of the standards of excellence, highlights innovation, and merits those who set the bar... Although to them, it's just a norm. Click here to see ISTE awards. Click here to see Edublog awards.   Want to know what also inspires me when I see technology and innovation awards? It reminds me of where we are as a district and the amount of growth AJUSD has made in a year. Last year, I had to force my way into a majority of the classrooms; whereas this year, there almost isn't enough time for me to work with all the teachers and students who want to collaborate and integrate technology. We are starting to shift from the traditional teacher-centered classroom to the 21st century student-centered classroom. Engaging students has become a focus in our district and it's awesome! So when I read about awarding innovation and excellence in education, I envision our

I Can See Why He's One of the 20 to Watch

I'm still pondering all that I got out of the T & L Conference in Phoenix last month. One of the presentations was a combination of technology integration for STEM projects. The two presenters were Robert Miller , one of NSBA's " 20 to Watch " for 2010, and BrainPOP's Kari Stubbs . I loved the practical ways Miller used  BrainPOP  to engage students... and was entranced by his integrating the GPS into his curriculum. He created his own educational  geocaching , but instead it was " educaching ." Writing about it won't do it justice, so here's a little trailer from YouTube: I typically take avid notes in conferences, but during this one, I was just astounded by Miller's innovation. However, there were two things I had written: rechargeable batteries and a charging station. I also found the app for my iPhone " SCVNGR " and thought about giving it a whirl. Which got me thinking...  How could I incorporate this idea into


Fun little editor combined with appreciation for our AJUSD teachers... and voila, my first Vuvox collage: P.S. For those of you wondering, I changed the music to something I made on GarageBand so that I wouldn't be breaking any copyright laws.