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Urgency with Coding Now for the Future

I've heard Anne Jenks share numerous times the importance of teaching coding in school, especially with so many STEM professions available . If computer science careers are the number one source of jobs in the US, then we should have more computer science graduates, and therefore more coding/programming opportunities in K-12 classrooms. Urgency with coding in classrooms now for jobs in the future #cue16 #gccue — Tracy Watanabe (@tracywatanabe) March 17, 2016 The time is now to start teaching digital fluency and coding as part of literacy. Being literate in today's world, includes computer literacy. Luckily, there are organizations, such as , dedicated to giving students opportunities to learn computer science. How do you get started? Below are a few places for getting started: Device Elementary Secondary iPad Daisy the Dinosaur Tickle  (older app) Hopscotch Scratch Jr. Cargo-Bot Tickle Laptop/Desktop Scra