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High-Level Thinking, DOK, and Shifts Needed in Schools

Shifts needed in schools

Scott McLeod wrote a post a few months ago about 3 big shifts schools need to take. I agree with the three shifts; and want to add collaboration as a vehicle to accomplish the shifts, which is a shift in and of itself.

Below is my adaptation from his original three ideas:

Work collaboratively to change routines

What are your daily routines, and what "quick wins" can you add/substitute in those routines to plan for Depth of Knowledge (DOK) 3 and 4 questions and tasks?

I like taking the standards and thinking through questions to ask students to promote deeper thinking, and products that would prove they've truly learned the content (evidence of learning).

When I collaborate with others, not only does it take less time to create these questions and tasks, but it also gives me more ideas to work with, which benefits both my learning and student learning. Therefore, I make it a priority to substitute out other conversations that do not make as …