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Creating DOK 3 and 4 Tasks

This morning, I saw the "light bulb" illuminate as a team realized that Webb's Depth of Knowledge Level 3 (DOK 3) tasks aren't more "difficult" problems, but rather it's when students engage with content learning at deeper cognitive levels. The team recognized: Even if the teachers ask higher level questions, student responses to the questions and what they "do" (the task) is what determines the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) . DOK 3 can be quick activities, and often times it's just taking the lesson one more step. How does DOK 3 impact teaching fundamentals? The skill the students are working on doesn't determine the DOK . It might be a fundamental skill, yet can engage with it at deeper cognitive level. For example, it might  be a fundamental skill such as memorizing sight words, but then have students interact with the words such as creating a presentation for quizzing themselves on the words, or writing sentences using thei