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Be Your True Self -- Inspired by VCOE Students

I believe each and every single one of us needs self-acceptance and confidence in being ourselves. I assume the starting point for self-acceptance is an honest awareness of individual strengths and areas for growth. Self-acceptance sometimes feels like welcoming a guest into my home. When I play the role of hostess, I evaluate what needs to be done -- cleaning, planning, grocery shopping, etc. My list of chores somehow never ends, and I tend to get a bit stressed out because I fear my house won't be presentable and welcoming. The truth is, my guest really doesn't care what the house looks like, or what food I have to offer. My guest just wants to spend time with the true me. Likewise, when self-acceptance knocks on my door, I realize it takes some bravery to fully welcome her, knowing I could have accomplished more during the day; I could have done a better job of listening to others and expressing my thoughts and feelings; etc. As I fear the imperfections, she focuses o