Summer @ Golden Gate Bridge
Who am I?
My name is Tracy Watanabe, and most people know I see the cup as half full, even when there's only condensation showing.

I'm a mom of two, a pastor's wife, a daughter, a friend, my son's soccer coach, and a teacher. I am part of the Apache Junction Unified School District family.

Any of these license plate holders would be appropriate for my car: I'd rather be snowboarding, playing soccer, painting, touring an art gallery, or learning.

What are my interests?
Watanabe Summer Vacation @ Cabo
I spend much of my free time learning about tech infused learning, innovation, collaboration, and pedagogy. After 11 years in the elementary school classroom, I now work in the Technology Department as the Technology Integration Specialist (going on 6 years now), and Common Core Co-Coordinator in AJUSD (during the past 2 years).
My daddy and me @ Central Park

I spend over half of my time in classrooms with our students and teachers. The other half is spent designing professional development classes, curriculum, and collaborating with educators. I am most excited when we collaborate on project-based learning and blogging.

What do I blog about?
My blog is a place to reflect on engaging kids via educational technology. It's my place to share with others some of the ideas in my head. I am passionate about education, and welcome comments on my blog. Thanks for visiting!

A little more about me
If you are curious about how I got to where I am now, here are some links I created as a guest educator for an Intro to Ed class called, "The Education Professional."
  • Part 1 -- how I chose to be an educator and the beginning of my career 
  • Part 2 -- lessons learned through mistakes 
  • Part 3 -- how I became the Tech Integration Specialist and my current role 
  • I also blog at AJUSD Campus Blogs