Choice Boards for Language Arts

A teacher recently asked me for suggestions for her choice board to differentiate a novel. 

Options for Choice Boards for Differentiating Novels:
  • Become one of the characters in your book. Decide what motivates him/her and what his/her goals are. What would that person want to achieve or need from others if this person were alive today? Using the digital medium of your choice, persuade the audience to ... 
  • Maintain a Google Form or Wiki page in QAR (question-answer & relationship) format during your reading.
  • Act as a news anchor or reporter and publicize an event from the book. You may use the digital medium of your choice such as a digital video, Voki, etc.
  • Rewrite a scene from the book as a script for today or the future. What would be the same/different if the setting were different? 
  • What is the author's theme? Create an original fable or folktale to explain that theme, moral, lesson, or commentary on life.


I  focus on the learning standards, and make sure it is meaningful to the students. I use Bloom's Taxonomy to pick higher levels of thinking, which also cuts down on kids copying/pasting something that's already on the Internet. Having students create products that could be published on the web are also favorable. Furthermore, I try not to limit them to certain technology tools; however, giving suggestions is always important.

  • What ideas would you add to this list?

Thank you, Lisa, for always wanting to push learners to the next level, and for your willingness to tap into others.


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