Authentic Learning through Edublogs

As the only Technology Integration Specialist in the AJUSD district, I focus on technology that fosters student learning. I spend over half my time in the classroom with students and teachers. I always tailor it to the teacher's readiness because I want the teacher to find it practical and beneficial to continue what we've started, even when I'm not physically in the class helping.

The Edublogs Class Challenge is a wise investment of time because the students learn with a meaningful purpose, and the teacher continues with the blogging. It's her blog and she loves it. I am thrilled about our success!

Today we set huge goals, and have completed many of them. 

Now that the students are used to the procedures of blogging, and how we use our time, we can dive into it more. 

Tips for Managing Class Blogging
  • Graphic organizers help with success, by allowing them to focus on their task. 
  • Collaborating on one document in Google Apps has been extremely beneficially with time management.
Google Apps Collaboration

This is the second year these kids have used Google Apps, and possibly the first time we've had so many of them collaborating on the same thing at the same time. 

It helped to have one student create the document and share it with everyone working on it. Then we gathered around and discussed who should type which part. Then the students typed it up. Afterwards, we revised together. Our last step was teaching them how to insert hyperlinks. They loved their results!

Student Posts

Portions of the original post based on the Edublog Student Challenge is pasted below. I've included hyperlinks to the students' posts we completed today. I know they'd love your comments, so please take a gander.

Our goals for blogging this upcoming week are:

Finishing Challenge 1 Tasks:

A -- Group 1 Blog Prompt: Why should students and classes visit our blog?
  • Let's finish this challenge by typing up what we had written

    From Challenge 2:

    C -- Activity 2: Create a class poster or video about our commenting guidelines

    We get to do the next step, which is teach others about making quality comments by using our commenting guidelines.
    • Sum up the guidelines. Then copy/paste them into
    Create your own Animation

    Challenge 3 Tasks:

    E -- Prompt for Activity 1: Write a post about our widget tracking visitors in the sidebar of our blog. What do you notice about it? Then, go to 2 other blogs in our Blogroll and compare and contrast widgets that also track visitors. What do you like about theirs? Remember to leave links so others can go see.

    H -- Prompt for Activity 4: Even though we did not take part in World Water Day, we did take a field trip to Project WET. What did we learn? Why do you think World Water Day is important?

    Challenge 4: How do you find your way around a blog?

    J -- Prompt for Activity 1: How is our blogroll categorized? How are others organized? Use your graphic organizer to take notes. Compare and contrast them.

    Blog Challenge 3 and 4 Graphic Organizers.

    This post was inspired by the Edublogs Student Challenge. Thank you for providing this opportunity for students around the world!


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