Microsoft Peer Coaching

Tomorrow our Collaboration Coaches work on Session 6 from the Microsoft Peer Coach training. I'm excited to get our fabulous collaborators back together.

Session 6 is based on what Marzano reminded us of, that there's a dip after the initial excitement, and this is the pick-me-up session for breaking through scotomas.

Here's a video of a school who has collaboration as part of their culture. The Microsoft Peer Coaching helped with shaping their behavior, and down the road their beliefs.

I would like to make a video like this. If we did, what should we include?


  1. If we were to make a video I would definitely recommend shots of all the coaches working together as well as individual collaboration groups working together. I would also think that commentary by YOU would be fabulous as how you've seen students & teacher improve their overall abilities because of all the collaborating going on.

  2. I think making a video such as this one is a great idea! I totally agree with what Bethany said, you should do the commentary. You will have the best perspective on where teachers started and how they have evolved. I think including the challenges and successes is important. Others need to understand there are challenges for all, not just teachers who do not feel they are up to date on their technology skills. I think this video did a great job of hitting on some of the challenges they faced, and I feel we face a lot of those same challenges. Another significant aspect to include is the strong importance behind collaboration. So much more can be accomplished with a team versus an individual. The last point I would include would be that through all of this, student engagement goes up and so does their enthusiasm for learning. I think this equals success for everyone.

  3. Amber and Bethany, thank you for your insight and specific suggestions. Collaborative ideas on what this should look like helps.

  4. I really feel doing a video on Collaboration Coaches would be valuable for our district. Many teachers feel very overwhelmed with the responsibilities they have. However, when they see the benefits it brings to the students I feel they will be a little more receptive to becoming a part of something so terrific. For many of us in the district, it doesn’t require more work, just a different way of looking at how to teach our students. What better way to get kids enthusiastic about learning than through the technology they have their hands on all the time. A video would be a tool to get not only teachers excited, but parents and students as well. We have to do this! =)
    From, Mary Kate R.

  5. @Mary Kate,
    I found out there is a contest through Peer Ed for a video like this! We should do this!

  6. There is a contest for Peer Ed on creating a one minute video about Collaboration Coaching. Who's in?


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