Learning Dispositions as Learning Muscles

As I'm reading Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age, I stopped at the "Spotlight" on page 52, called "Thinking Aloud about Learning Dispositions." The focus was Guy Claxton, professor of cognitive learning, discussing how students learn. What caught my attention was a quote from an eight-year-old who was reflecting on her own learning. She thought her "Imagination" and "Resource Planning" had improved, but her "Stickability" was an area she needed to focus on. She decided to make that her next goal.

From my own experience, I know kids learn more when they are aware of how they learn best. I would like to learn more about students' metacognition. I specifically would love to talk with someone who has taught their students about their "learning muscles." As I stretch my "learning muscles," I ponder the idea of a project exploring "learning muscles" with students and the effect it would have on their motivation and engagement in learning.

  • How would the motivation and engagement in learning change if students were aware of how they learned best, set goals, and had the power to focus on their needs?


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