Empathy is not optional

I wonder how we might treat others if one of our deep beliefs holds that empathy isn't optional.

Be humble and intent on monitoring our judgments

We might not know the narrative of others -- strangers, family, friends, colleagues, staff, and students -- and we could miss an opportunity to be kind, serve, and dignify another human being.

Empathy is not an occasional event like window-shopping, with multiple options to consider. Empathy is the marrow of relationships, that comes from humility, encouragement, and taking notice of humanity.

Daily challenge

  • Look for inspiration of empathy in action. 
  • Take advantage of opportunities to make a difference.
  • Ask, "Who might I need to be in order to treat others the way I wish to be treated?" 

What might the world be like if we didn't approach empathy as an optional practice? 
How might a commitment to empathy influence schools and classrooms?


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