Posters, Resources, and ELD Standards

I've lived in California for almost a year now, and am becoming very familiar with the California English Language Development Standards. My goal for this post is to share a few of the big ideas I've learned about the CA ELD Standards through the use of two tools: Canva and Tackk.


I learned about Tackk through +Lisa Johnson (TechChef4u) when I stumbled upon her post about Tackk. I quickly realized that it was a useful tool to create and curate content. I think of it as an online poster or magazine article.

It seems like an easy tool to use because you can just drag and drop content into it. Headlines, text, images, graphics, vidoes, audio and playlists, GIFs and media, Google Maps, PayPal, contact forms and RSVPs can be added.

I've downloaded Tackk on my iPad, use it on my desktop, and can install it on my Chrome Browser. There are also several templates for educational use.

Click here for more information on Tackk.


Another tool that Lisa Johnson introduced me to is Canva. I use this tool to design slides, posters, and visuals. The visuals I created in my Tackk poster (top) were created in Canva.

Final thoughts

There are many other tools that I use for these same purposes, but I wanted to try something new and accessible across multiple platforms.
  • What are some educational uses for Canva, Trackk, or other similar tools?
  • How might you use Canva or Trackk?
  • What did you learn about the California ELD Standards?


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