Self Selected Professional Development

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Twitter Chats are fabulous self-selected professional development. A Twitter Chat Group is a group of people who come to Twitter to "discuss" a specific topic of interest.

Tracy's feed from #cpchatDuring the Twitter Chat, moderators will ask questions around the topic, and participants will answer. It requires some fast thinking to respond and read other responses. Every Twitter Chat I've been part of has given me new ideas/resources, affirmed other ideas, and/or motivated me to follow through with the next step.

For example, the recent discussion on Connected Principals Twitter Chat, #cpchat, discussed how principals (and administrators in my case) can use Twitter to help connect educators.

How can districts give Professional Development credit for Twitter Chats?

I've grappled with this idea for a few years and believe I've come up with a solution that would work in my school district.

However, before I officially submit it as a new online class for our district's professional development, I'd like to pilot it with a few willing educators.

Below is the Google Form I plan to use to collect the responses; click here to view the responses.

What do you think?
  • What benefits are gained from Twitter Chats?
  • How would you give professional development credit for Twitter Chats?


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