Tracy's Nominations for the 2011 Edublogs Awards

I love awards because it's a chance to recognize and share those who rock my world.

Thank you Edublogs for providing this opportunity to acknowledge amazing educators around the globe, and for raising the awareness of the awesome impact social media and web 2.0 can have on our learning and our learners.

Here are my nominations for 2011-2012:

Best individual blog: Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom
Integrating Tech in the Primary Classroom
Hands down, the most influential individual blog that I've learned the most from is Kathleen Morris' Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom. Her content is innovative, filled with tangible and applicable learning for every level (even if you aren't a primary teacher). She makes it super easy for a newbie to feel right at home, while being encouraged to take the next step. I appreciate how Kathleen replies to all her comments, which lets us know how much she cares and is passionate about helping others create 21st century, learner-centered classrooms.

Best individual tweeter: Joan Young @flourishingkids
I met Joan last summer during the Edublogs ISTE Meet-up, and have been inspired by her ever since. I enjoy visiting her blog, and see her almost every time I'm on Twitter. She's a passionate educator who encourages, and shares a plethora of valuable resources and ideas. I highly recommend following Joan.

Best group blog: Our World, Our Stories
Our World, Our Stories is a new group blog for primary students to connect and share with others around the globe about their community, their lives, their creativity, and their experiences. This is a great blog for all classrooms to connect with other classrooms around the world. The classrooms involved are:
Our World, Our Stories

Best new blog: Travelling with Mr 'Davo' Devil
Travelling with Mr 'Davo'
Sue Wyatt, otherwise known as Miss W or @tasteach, created a new blog this year, blogging from the point of view of Mr. 'Davo' Devil, a Tasmanian devil. This blog is a way to share Miss W's trip around the USA and Canada, connecting with blogging classes and chat room friends. Students and classrooms from around the globe enjoy following, commenting, and participating in all the discussions this new blog offers. This blog gets my vote for best new blog of 2011.

Best class blog: Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog
Mrs. Yollis' Blog
My absolute favorite class blog is Linda Yollis'. Her blog was the first class blog I've ever followed, and I always return to it as an inspiration. I love how she uses her class blog to build community, awareness, and a joy for learning. I learn so much from following her blog, and her blog absolutely deserves recognition for the incredible impact she makes on learners around the globe.

Best student blog: Teegan's Terrific Blog
Teegan's Blog
I first noticed Teegan when I was reading through the volunteers to mentor during the Student Blogging Challenge, and Teegan wanted to help out the younger kiddos in the challenge.  When I visited her blog, I could see why she was chosen as a mentor. I appreciate all she does to help others, and the digital footprint she is making. Thank you, Teegan!

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog: What Else
What Else
No secret, I'm a big Sheri Edwards fan, and I appreciate all Sheri offers. One of my favorites of Sheri's blogs is "What Else" because I always have a take-away for an idea to share with others. Sometimes it's a direct idea through her post (such as an idea to implement in the classroom), and other times it's indirect (such as an example for how she posted or how she created a visual). I appreciate all the ideas for integrating technology and resources. Thank you, Sheri, for making a difference in so many lives!

Most influential blog post: Top 10 Twitter Tips! by Kathleen Morris
Top 10 Twitter Tips!
Kathleen Morris is the reason why I understand how to use Twitter, and am not afraid of it. She has several posts about using Twitter, and I recommend all of them, but if I'm trying to share with others how and why to use Twitter, this is the post I send them. Thanks, Kathleen, for answering all my questions and teaching me about the power of Twitter!

Best twitter hashtag: #comments4kids @wmchamberlain

#comments4kids is my favorite hashtag because it's a place where I can go to ask others to comment on student posts, and a place where I can return the favor of placing a smile on someone's face. I've seen the disappointment in students after they've written a post, but no comments... and the excitement from someone leaving students thoughtful comments. It can make their day. Check out #comments4kids, leave a comment, and put a smile on kids' faces.

Best teacher blog: Dare to Care by Denise Krebs
Dare to Care
Denise is another passionate educator who I learn so much from. Her blog, Dare to Care, focuses on the 6 Cs she puts in her tag line, "Creating, Contributing, Communicating, Connecting, Collaborating & Curating." Her genuine love for learning is apparent in all she does.

Best School Administrator blog: This and That by Jon Castelhano
I know that traditionally when "administrator" is said, I think of a principal -- but not this time. The best administrator's blog is the blog of Technology Director, Jon Castelhano. He gets it. He gets how he and his department can help change the culture of a district. He empowers those around him to work towards the goal of a healthy 21st century learning district, and he captures that in his blog.

Best free web tool: Twitter
Twitter is the best free resource I've been introduced to. The people I connect with, and resources and ideas shared on Twitter are a huge part of my professional development, learning, and growth.

Best educational use of audio/video/visual/podcast: Mr. Avery's Classroom Blog
Mr. Avery's Classroom Blog
Mr. Avery creates fabulous math videos and tutorials. I appreciate that he has his students host the math movies.

Best open PD/unconference/webinar series: Serendipity/Fine Focus Webinars
I love the Edublogs Serendipity and Fine Focus Webinars because they involve everyone attending, and they strongly encourage audience interaction -- for newbies and experts.

Best educational use of a social network & Wiki: #elemchat
I absolutely love the discussions and professional development through the #elemchat on Twitter. Furthermore, exploring the archive to revisit amazing resources and ideas are a must. I'm grateful to all those involved in this!

Lifetime achievement: Sue Wyatt
Miss W -- @tasteach
Sue Wyatt, also known as Miss W and @tasteach, volunteers her time to organize the Student Blogging Challenges. The amount of effort, time, and energy spent to provide students with an authentic purpose to help them create, connect, and improve their blogging is incredible. She leaves oodles of comments for the students and classes participating, while also teaching students and teachers to connect and comment on blogs around the globe. From the bottom of my heart, I thank her for all she does, and believe she deserves the Lifetime achievement award.

Final Remarks:

I'd love to hear who your favorites are in either a comment or your own post. Be sure to send Edublogs your nominations in a post and connect to their Nominations Page.

  • Who are your favorites?
  • What do you like about nominations and awards?


  1. Tracy,

    Wow! It is such an honor to be nominated by you, someone I learn so much from following on Twitter. I share what I can in spurts, sometimes more active than other times on Twitter. I do believe that we have so much power to inspire each other to take on the daily challenges in being with kids in a pretty complicated, at times, education system.
    Thank you for the nomination and for being such a wonderful asset to our PLN.

  2. Tracy,
    Thank you so much for the great resources to check out. You've given me some new blogs I have yet to visit.

    Thank you most of all for the nomination for my blog. I am humbled yet thrilled. I am so blessed to have you in my PLN. Thank you for reading my blog and leaving so many thoughtful and meaningful comments.

    Your suggestion of Sue Wyatt for the Lifetime Achievement Award is brilliant! She has encouraged thousands of students beyond measure--including my own over the past two years during the blogging challenge. I didn't think to nominate her, but I will definitely vote and campaign for her to win!

    Thanks! I will look forward to taking a tour of your nominees' blogs.


  3. Dear Tracy,

    Thank you so much for your nominations. Your kind words really made my day!

    You are such a supportive member of my PLN and I really appreciate you.

    Excellent choices!

  4. Dear Tracy,

    A million thanks for the kind words and the nominations! You have been such a supporter of our blog and I am proud to have you as part of our global community.

    You're very thoughtful! Thank you!


    Your friend,

  5. Tracy, thanks for the nomination for Comments4kids.

    I would really like to thank you for the support you have given my students. Even though I started comments4kids to get students' work recognized, I rarely use it on for my students. When I do ask for comments, you are always there to help and I do appreciate it. :)

  6. Dear Joan,

    I appreciate you so much. Your giving to others with encouragement and great resources has helped me tremendously. I appreciate your warm welcomes when I'm able to attend a #elemchat. I am so glad that I've had the privilege of meeting you face-to-face. Thanks for all you do!

    Kind regards,

  7. Dear Denise,

    I am so glad we met through the Edublogs Teacher Challenges & Student Challenges. It's such an honor to learn with you.

    When you shared your post(s) about the webinars through RSCON3, you encouraged me to move forward with webinars despite my fear. Recently I helped facilitate one of Jo Hart's Serendipity Webinars, and felt successful. Part of that was the encouraging words from your post way back in August. So, I thank you again for being transparent and for your love of learning.

    Kind regards,

  8. Dear Kathleen,

    You have taught me so much, and I thank you for all you do to help others.

    Kind regards,

  9. Dear Linda,

    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for all you do to build others.

    Kind regards,

  10. Dear William,

    I thank you so much for starting comments4kids. I have only had my blog for little over a year, and "piloted" blogging with students during the Student Blogging Challenge last March (with Mrs. Martinez's class). But, I was still trying to figure out Twitter and didn't quite understand the hashtags until Kathleen Morris posted about them.

    Through watching student reactions, I realized how important comments on student posts are. So, I thank you so much for creating that opportunity for others to connect and share student work so easily with #comments4kids.

    With much respect,

  11. Hi Tracy, Thanks so much for this honor. As with you, I am simply trying to learn and share so our educational community stays focused on what counts in education: inspiring students to learn. Educators, in whatever role they take, carry a tremendous responsibility. Blogging and social media opens up our world so that we are lifelong learners, learning from each other what works to help kids, and including the students into our learning. Thank you for all you share--- your kindness, dedication, and knowledge inspire so many. Thank you again.

  12. Dear Sheri,

    I am so blessed to learn with you. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and enthusiasm. You are fabulous!

    Kind regards,


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